Monday, 15 February 2010

The Future of "Major Benjy"

I received an email from Guy Fraser-Sampson this weekend - listeners to the podcast will remember him from episode 2 as the author of the new, official, Tilling novel "Major Benjy".  Guy has a blog on which he posted an answer to the question I asked in the podcast - will there be a sequel to "Major Benjy"?
You can read his answer here but, to summarise, it all depends on how well "Major Benjy" sells.
Now, I enjoyed the book, (having purchased two copies from Amazon, one for myself and one as a present for a friend!) and included links to it on this blog (to both and - if you haven't already got a copy, click on one of the links to order one now!) even though there were one or two shortcomings - I felt that the first new official Tilling novel since Tom Holt's books appears in the 1980's deserved support and encouragement.
Alas, sales have not been as brisk as might have been hoped, and although Guy is keen to write the next one, "Lucia on Holiday", unless the sales pick up to an extent that it is worth the publisher investing in printing a new book, it may not see the light of day.
So, if you haven't already purchased it, please think about doing so.  If you don't want to purchase online, consider asking your local bookshop to order in a copy for you.  If, in this difficult financial times, you cannot afford to buy the book, why not ask your local library if they have it and, if they do not, ask if they might get a copy!
If you DO already have the book, have you any friends who might be interested in the adventures of Lucia, Mapp, Georgie, Major Benjy, Diva, The Padre, Wee Wifie, Quaint Irene and The Wyses?

Let us get together to encourage the latest revival of Fred's work - especially now, in the last year of UK Copyright applying to the Benson Collection!