Sunday, 1 March 2009

Major Benjy at The Oxford Literary Festival

Well, strictly speaking, it's Guy Fraser-Sampson (my guest on Episode 2 of the Radio Tilling podcast) talking about his book "Major Benjy". Guy will be appearing at 12pm in Festival Room 2, Christ Church, and tickets can be booked by visiting This Page (you will need to scroll down the page for details on Guy's talk)


Ashley said...

I hope the talk went well. I quite enjoyed Major Benjy. I truly hope we will have more of Lucia (although I did notice that apparently Irene and Lucy made it up in Lucia's Progress when they are carrying the banners for Lucia and against Mapp for council!)

chrishanson70 said...

I too look forward to more Lucia novels from Mister Sampson.

As an American reader I am proud to say that my local library, in Monterey, California; was the first in our country to add this book to their collection.

Thanks, and I look forward to Episode 3.