Sunday, 6 July 2008

It's Been A Long Time...

...Since the last post, but I hope to be able to make up for this in the coming weeks and months!
Today (Sunday 6th July) I recorded an interview with author Guy Fraser-Sampson, whose new book, "Major Benjy" a new story based on the world of Mapp and Lucia, is set for publication on 1st September.
I had great fun talking to Guy about Benson, Tilling and books in general, and once the editing is finished, I hope to have it online as Episode 2 of the Radio Tilling Podcast on 24th July - Fred's 141st Birthday!
In the meantime, more information about "Major Benjy" can be found here

And UK fans can pre-order Major Benjy from (affiliate link) here

As soon as the book is available to US readers, I will add a special link for them!
Please do support this book - it is the first of a planned trilogy and is the first officially authorised novel based on Tilling since Tom Holt's excellent books way back in the 1980's!

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